The MATLAB Digest, 2005, Number 6

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News for the MATLAB® and Simulink® user community.  

Technical Articles 
(1) Color Management and Color Transformations in MATLAB 

(2) Using Genetic Algorithms to Select a Subset of Predictive Variables from a High-Dimensional Microarray Dataset 

Training and Events 
(3) Webinars 
Using MATLAB to Develop Financial Models, December 1 
Distributed and Parallel Computing with MATLAB, December 6 
Fixed-Point Programming in MATLAB, December 8 
Using MathWorks Tools to Design Hybrid Vehicle Systems,  December 15 

User Resources 
(4) Enable Team Access to Downloads:  License administrators can enable end users to download licensed products and updates. 

(5) Find a Function:  Browse or search functions for all MathWorks products. 

(6) MATLAB Central:  MP3WRITE and MP3READ 

(7) MATLAB & Simulink Based Books 
Introduction to MATLAB with Numerical Preliminaries	 
Alexander Stanoyevitch 

Digital Signal Processing and Applications with the C6713 and C6416 DSK  
Rulph Chassaing 

(8) Financial Derivatives 4.0 

(9) Genetic Algorithms and Direct Search Toolbox 2.0 

(10) Third-Party:  Delft-Tyre from TNO Automotive and MADYMO from TNO-MADYMO 

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