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News for the MATLAB(R) and Simulink(R) user community

--Technical Articles--
Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Modeling of Population Pharmacokinetics Data

Analytical Modeling of Aircraft Wing Forces Using MATLAB and Symbolic Math Toolbox

--User Resources--
MATLAB Central: Chebfun

Blog Spotlight: Loren on the Art of MATLAB - Nice Way to Set Function Defaults

User Story: Harman Becker Designs and Verifies OFDM Radio Receivers Using MathWorks Tools

Bug Reports: Track and monitor published reports (login required)

Model Predictive Control System Design and Implementation Using MATLAB

Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, 2e

Simulink Design Optimization 1.0

Curve Fitting Toolbox 2.0

Trial Software Available for all MathWorks Products

Third-Party: Model 2920 RF Vector Signal Generator from Keithley Instruments

MATLAB for Excel Users
* August 13

Anbindung von Messtechnik an MATLAB (DEUTSCH)
* August 20

Introduction `a MATLAB (FRANCAIS)
* August 20

Adquisición y procesado de imágenes con MATLAB (CASTELLANO)
* September 16

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Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (Presenter: Attilio Meucci, author of Risk and Asset Allocation)
* August 17-22, New York, NY, US

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Srdecne Vas zveme k ucasti na konferenci
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