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July, 2010
Verification of High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Performance at Nujira
Verification of High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Performance at Nujira


By automating component- and system-level testing, Nujira reduced test time from hours to minutes and saved more than £1million in manual testing costs.

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Using Web Map Service Data for Visualization and Analysis in Geospatial Applications
Using Web Map Service Data for Visualization and Analysis in Geospatial Applications Find geospatial raster data, render WMS maps, and visualize and analyze retrieved data.

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Replacing paper-based specifications with executable models linked to requirements lets engineers test and verify throughout the design process, saving time and improving quality.
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Harris Accelerates Verification of Signal Processing FPGAs
Cosimulating HDL code in MATLAB and Cadence Incisive enabled Harris to cut functional verification by more than 85% and eliminate weeks of lab debug time.
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