The MATLAB Digest, 2006, Number 1

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News for the MATLAB® and Simulink® user community. 

Technical Articles
(1) How to Deploy Simulink Designs on Your DSP: An Accelerated Approach to Custom Implementation

(2) Two New Functions for Converting Data Types and Changing Byte Order

Training and Events
(3) Webinars
MATLAB for Signal Processing, February 9
Introduction to Simulink, February 16
Diseño basado en modelos para sistemas de control embebidos (en español), February 21
Deployment of MATLAB Applications to C, C++, COM, and Excel, February 23

User Resources
(4) Technical Solution: Accessing Geospatial Data on the Internet for the Mapping Toolbox

(5) MATLAB Central: "The Art of MATLAB," a new blog by Loren Shure, developer and designer of the MATLAB language.

(6) R2006a is the latest release of the MATLAB and Simulink product families.  It marks a change by The MathWorks to twice-yearly releases, and the naming convention has changed to reflect this schedule.

(7) SimEvents 1

(8) Third-Party:  MÄK HLA/DIS Toolbox from MÄK Technologies

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